Power Badminton

Play badminton against clever opponents. Hit short, hit long and smash your way to victory in this badminton league!

Activate power ups to give you an unfair advantage over your opponent. Beware, your opponent has powerups too!

Use your racquet to make cool net shots. Bait them to do a high ball and finish with a smash! Or, play long rallies until your opponent gives up.

Not sure how to play? Start with training mode. Practice baby shots with your badminton racket.


  • Make cool trick shots with the net.
  • Choose different characters, balls, and powerups to play with.
  • Realistic bone animations.
  • Option to play in training mode.
  • Keyboard controls for desktop version, and touch controls for mobile version.
  • Full screen version.
  • Change the scenery with different badminton stadiums.
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